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Narrative #Shortfilm

«Forget the camera. The nature of the story determines the photographic style. Understand the story and make the most out of it. If the audience is conscious of tricks and effects, the cameraman’s genius, no matter how great it is, is wasted.»

Gregg Toland - Director of photography

 After 6 O'clock

 Director: So-Y-Sen Maumont - Short film

 Three dandelions in a glass of water

 Directors: Isabelle Lukacie & Merlin - Short film

 Des courbes pour arrondir les angles

 Director: Geraud Pineau - Short film

 Noir et blanche

 Director: Jean-Laurent Faubourg - Short film

 The old supremacy

 Director: Harry Bozino - Short film


 Director: Haruka Motoi - Short film