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French cinematographer based in Paris working on narratives films, TV series, TV commercials, Branded contents, Documentaries and Music videos.

«All I've ever wanted to do is take stills of people, or take documentaries about people, and try to express to an audience how somebody lives next door.»

Roger Deakins - Director of photography

 It all begins here - The steam train

 Director: Lionel Delhaye - Tv series 26mn

 After 6 O'clock

 Director: So-Y-Sen Maumont - Short film

 OPJ - Bianca

 Director: Elsa Blayau - Prime Tv series 2x 52mn

 Rhinozeros (Trailer)

 Director: Math Saliva - Feature film

 DS | Savoir-faire in Motion

 Director: David Ronhel - Commercial


 Director: Manuel Moutier - Commercial

 La Buse, the pirate's cursed gold

 Director: William Cally - Docu-fiction 2x 52mn

 Suzuki GSX-R1000R

 Directors: Richard Ndumu & Boris Meyer - Commercial

 Guibert Paris - Spring Collection

 Director: Manuel Moutier - Commercial

 De La Romance - Dreamer

 Director: Laurent Pratlong - Music video