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Director of photography, camera operator based in Paris working on narratives films, TV series, TV commercials, Branded contents, Documentaries and Music videos.

 It all begins here - The steam train

 Director: Lionel Delhaye - Tv series 26mn

 After 6 O'clock

 Director: So-Y-Sen Maumont - Short film

 OPJ - Bianca

 Director: Elsa Blayau - Prime Tv series 52mn

 Rhinozeros (Trailer)

 Director: Math Saliva - Feature film

 DS | Savoir-faire in Motion

 Director: David Ronhel - Commercial

 Suzuki GSX-S1000

 Director: Richard Ndumu - Commercial


 Director: Manuel Moutier - Commercial

 Suzuki GSX-R1000R

 Directors: Richard Ndumu & Boris Meyer - Commercial

 Guibert Paris - Spring Collection

 Director: Manuel Moutier - Commercial

 De La Romance - Dreamer

 Director: Laurent Pratlong - Music video