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Paris based Director of photography working on commercial, music video, film and TV series.
Experienced international DoP, I adapt quickly to local production crews and their specificities all over the world. Here's a selection of my different works, do not hesitate to consult the different sections of my site to find out more.


 Director: Manuel Moutier - Commercial - USA

 It all begins here

 Directors: Christophe Barraud & Sebastien Perroy - Tv series 26mn - France

 At the heart of Craftsmanship - Azerbaijan

 Director: Emin Ibrahimov - TV Commercial - Azerbaijan


 Director: Manuel Moutier - Commercial - USA

 La Buse, the pirate's cursed gold

 Director: William Cally - Docu-fiction 2x 52mn - France

 Tomorrow is ours - The trap

 Director: Thierry Peythieu - Prime Tv Movie 2x 52mn - France

 Suzuki GSX-R1000R

 Directors: Richard Ndumu & Boris Meyer - Commercial - France

 Guibert Paris - Spring Collection

 Director: Manuel Moutier - Commercial - France

 De La Romance - Dreamer

 Director: Laurent Pratlong - Music video - France

 Suzuki SV650 Cafe Racer

 Directors: Richard Ndumu & Boris Meyer - Commercial - France