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 Rhinozeros (Trailer)

 Feature film
 Directed by Math Saliva
 Cinematography by Rod Séraphine
 Production: Studiolo
 France 2021

1944 June: a young french girl, Louise, is in charge for infiltrating a bunker and sabotaging its radio system with a group of resistance fighters. But the enemy surrounds them and a German soldier tries to convince them to collaborate.

With Bruno Solo, Tiphaine Daviot, Timon Ballenberger, Pierre-yves Bon, Jochen Hägele, Matthias Jacquin, Ben Feitelson, Agnès Ramy, Guillaume Ducreux.

First camera Assistant: Arnaud Gervet
Second camera assistants: Tom Houguenague, William Sorribes, Juliette Guillem
Steadicamer: Guillaume Corde
Gaffers: Fabre-Félicien Basset and Elyan Charvet
Key grips: Angelo Chinosi and Gil Fontbonne
Electricians "Barn": Stéphen Boucle, Lorenz Grzimek, Ronan Dereuser
Electricians "Castle": Pierre Franiatte, Adrien Dodin, Billy Vaquer, Antoine Carrere
Grips "Barn": Thibaut Guenois, Guillaume Grandin
Grips "Castle": Pierre Helie De Peretti, Pierre Fontbonne, Grégoire Benzaquen
Drone operator: Ianis Cima
Thanks to Vantage Paris (Marina Jego and Alexander Bscheidl), Cininter (Marie Joe Collet) and Cinesyl for their ssupport

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