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 After 6 O'clock

 Short film
 Directed by So-Y-Sen Maumont
 Cinematography by Rod Séraphine
 Production: Woooz Pictures
 Production service: Rum Pictures
 France 2024

Coming soon in film festivals...

Jealous, racist, greedy, vengeful, desperate, inhabitants of the same village on Reunion Island will entrust their destiny in the hands of a sorcerer, Mr. Caron, whose son suffers from a mysterious illness and which has the only remedy a very special offering...

Shot on Sony FX9 with Atlas Orion anamorphic lenses
1st camera assistant: Bryce Denninger
2nd camera assistant: Steevy Saint-Martin
Gaffer: Eric Beullier
Key grip: Anthony Bupto
Rental house (Camera / Grip): Studio Acoustik
Rental house (Light): ATR
Production: Jeremie Palanque, Bakr Abdulhaim
Unit production manager: Philippe Malcor de Pierrefeu

Image 1 After 6 O'clock
Image 2 After 6 O'clock
Image 3 After 6 O'clock