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 Short film
 Directed by Haruka Motoi
 Cinematography by Rod Séraphine and Nobuo Todoroki
 Production: JFC Paris
 Japan / France 2010

A young Japanese woman, Yukiko (Harue Yamada), loses her place to stay after breaking up with her boyfriend. A newcomer to Paris, Yukiko doesn’t even speak the language. Fortunately, another Japanese émigré, Mitsue (Hiromi Asai), spots her on the corner and invites her to come in for the night, then to stay until she gets back on her feet.
Meanwhile, coincidentally, Yukiko’s mother (Katsuko Nakamura) calls to say that she has come to Paris for a short visit. Yukiko is happy for the connection to home, but her mother wants to see a certain part of the city, by herself. Yukiko follows her to find out why mom is really in Paris.

Haruka Motoi has been nominated at the Denver International Film festival 2011 in the Emerging Filmmaker Award category for this movie.

Main cast: Harue Yamada, Hiromi Asai, Katsuko Nakamura
Producer: Hiro Uchiyama

Image 1 Yukiko