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 The unlikely girl

 Feature film
 Directed by Wei Ling Chang
 Cinematography by Rod Séraphine
 Production: Mooncake films
 USA / France 2012

After a racy encounter with a stranger on a train, the beautiful Cécile (Hande Kodja) arrives at a family vacation house in the south of France to unwind. When she travels into town, she runs into an old childhood crush, Luc (Pierre Boulanger), who can’t believe that it’s really her after all of these years. As they begin to rekindle their intense longing for each other, they are surprised by the arrival of an American college exchange student, Jamie (Shane Lynch). Cecile is initially annoyed by Jamie’s intrusion but then in an unlikely turn, they bond as Jamie uncovers a dark truth about Cécile’s childhood. Soon even Cécile encourages Jamie to take Luc for herself. When Cécile’s brother, Matthieu, mysteriously shows up at the house things take another unexpected turn as each has a very different version of their childhood. Someone is lying – Cecile? Matthieu? Luc? Or maybe they all are. Jamie was in for a summer of French immersion but finds herself tangled in a web of sexual intrigue and family drama like she never could have imagined.

Screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival 2012

1st assistant camera: Maxime Lecoq
Gaffer: Cyril Bossard
Electrician: Nicolas Berteyac
Grip: Eric Bouvet
Make up artist / Hairstylist: Maureen Friestedt

Producer: Benoit de Boursetty
Line producer: Jackie Stolfi
With Pierre Boulanger, Shane Lynch and Hande Kodja

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