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 Roller Girls

 Documentary TV series 52mn
 Directed by Yann Saint-Pé
 Cinematography by Rod Séraphine
 For: Planete+ AE
 Production: Trebelprod
 Production service: Telecran
 France 2014

A 6x 52mn TV series shot mostly with Canon C300 et Canon 1DC 4K. Canon 1DC was most of the time on the Movi M10 stabilizer. During roller games three RED EPIC with Angenieux optimo 24-290 were used to do some slow motion shots.
1st Assistant Camera: Anna Lequoy
Gaffer: Alain Payet
Additional camera operators for Roller games: Romain Schwartz and Françoise Noyon
Lighting / camera / grip rental: RVZ

Image 1 Roller Girls
Image 2 Roller Girls