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Commercial > Mercedes-AMG - One man one engine

 Mercedes-AMG - One man one engine

 Directed by Nico Beyer
 Cinematography by Michael Mieke
 2nd unit Cinematography by Rod Seraphine
 Client: Mercedes Benz
 Agency: Merkley and Partners
 Production: Cobblestone
 USA / Germany 2015

2nd unit DOP working in cooperation with DOP Michael Mieke
Commercial shot on two RED Epic Dragon with Vantage Hawk V-lite Anamorphic zooms, primes and spherical Vantage T1 primes. (plus one Red Epic Dragon Carbon for drone) Shot also with a Bolex H16 and Kodak Vision 3 250D 7207 film.
1st Assistant camera (B unit): Boris Eschwey

Producer: Juri Wiesner

Image 1 Mercedes-AMG - One man one engine