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Commercial > GINETTE NY Chiaroscuro

 GINETTE NY Chiaroscuro

 Directed by Manuel Moutier
 Cinematography by Rodolph Séraphine
 Client: GinetteNY
 Production: The Filmcatcher
 USA 2019

Art Director: Frédérique Dessemond
Style: Nathalie Agussol
Vestiaire: Pan & the Dream, Milo Tricot
Hair & Make up: Clelia Bergonzoli
Gaffer: Michael Stewart
Post-production: Dacor Production

GINETTE NY Chiaroscuro GINETTE NY Chiaroscuro-2 GINETTE NY Chiaroscuro-3 GINETTE NY Chiaroscuro-4 GINETTE NY Chiaroscuro-5 GINETTE NY Chiaroscuro-6 GINETTE NY Chiaroscuro-7