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 Cinematographer Demo reel

 Demo reel
 Cinematography by Rod Séraphine


Some samples of my work on commercials, music videos and fictions (Camera operator and light)

Directors whose work is featured in this demo: Laurent Pratlong, Cedric Ih, Nico Beyer, Antoine Bal, Manuel Moutier, Richard Ndumu, Boris Meyer, David Ronhel, Guillaume Coulpier, Khajag Soudjian, Geraud Pineau

Productions / Agencies: Favorite production, Universal music, Cobblestone, Leo Burnett Thjnk, Media prod, Dago Film, Grey, Bakery, Grabarz and Partner, A White label product, Merkley and Partners, Jung von Matt, PPM Filmproductions, DDB Tribal, Hellohikimori, Extermittent, M6 Music, Prodigious Wam, Saatchi and Saatchi, Thefilmcatcher, AFIFF

Image 1 Cinematographer Demo reel
Image 2 Cinematographer Demo reel
Image 3 Cinematographer Demo reel