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Commercial > Chevrolet - Cruze Hatchback

 Chevrolet - Cruze Hatchback

 TV Commercial
 Directed by Nico Beyer
 Cinematography by Serge Roman
 2nd unit Cinematography by Rodolph Seraphine
 Client: Chevrolet
 Agency: Grey
 Production: Dago Film Productions
 Production service: Travelling Productions
 Russia 2012

2nd unit DOP working in cooperation with DOP Serge Roman
Work on the car interiors shots and work as B camera on some fixed shots. Commercial shot on two Alexa plus with Vantage Hawk V series Anamorphic 2x prime lenses. Russian arm for A unit and Cineflex helicopter camera mount.
Lenses imported from Vantage Berlin

Producer: Evgeniy Romenskiy
Commercial entirely shot in Portugal

Chevrolet - Cruze Hatchback Chevrolet - Cruze Hatchback-2