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Commercial > Candy'Up - The Smurfs

 Candy'Up - The Smurfs

 TV Commercial
 Directed by Khajag Soudjian and Pierre Manry
 Cinematography by Rod Séraphine
 Client: Candy'Up
 Agency: KR Media
 Production: Les improductibles
 France 2013

A commercial shot on RED Epic equipped with Panavision Primo Classic primes and Panavision periscope, Dolly Panther classic
1st assistante camera: Anna Lequoy
Gaffer: Thomas Garreau
Electrician: Quentin Montfort
Production Designer: Stephane Monjo
Make-up artist: Aurelie Stone
Camera / Grip rental: Alga Panavision
Lighting rental: Panalux

Producer: Renaud Chelelekian
Line producer: Fanny Candilis

Image 1 Candy'Up - The Smurfs