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DOP / camera operator based in Paris

, I work for fiction, advertising, documentary and music videos.

 Cinematographer Demo reel

 Some samples of my work on commercials, music videos and fictions (Camera operating and lighting)

Directors whose work is featured in this demo: Laurent Pratlong, Cedric Ih, Nico Beyer, Antoine Bal, Manuel Moutier, Richard Ndumu, Boris Meyer, David Ronhel, Guillaume Coulpier, Khajag Soudjian, Geraud Pineau

Productions / Agencies: Favorite production, Universal music, Cobblestone, Leo Burnett Thjnk, Media prod, Dago Film, Grey, Bakery, Grabarz and Partner, A White label product, Merkley and Partners, Jung von Matt, PPM Filmproductions, DDB Tribal, Hellohikimori, Extermittent, M6 Music, Prodigious Wam, Saatchi and Saatchi, Thefilmcatcher, AFIFF

 La Buse, the pirate's cursed gold

 Director: William Cally - Docu-fiction 2x 52mn - France

 Tomorrow is ours - The trap

 Director: Thierry Peythieu - TV MOVIE 2x 52mn - France

 Suzuki GSX-R1000R

 Directors: Richard Ndumu & Boris Meyer - Commercial - France

 Guibert Paris - Spring Collection

 Director: Manuel Moutier - Commercial - France

 The people above the clouds

 Director: Thierry Boscheron - Documentary 52mn - China

 De La Romance - Dreamer

 Director: Laurent Pratlong - Music video - France

 Suzuki SV650 Cafe Racer

 Directors: Richard Ndumu & Boris Meyer - Commercial - France

 Volkswagen - Tough is not Enough

 Director: Nico Beyer - TV Commercial - Germany

 Lhajjates (The Pilgrims)

 Director: Mohamed Achaour - FEATURE FILM - Morocco

 Mercedes-Benz - GLA Director's cut

 Director: Nico Beyer - TV Commercial - USA

 Timeo - The forbidden dream

 Director: Guillaume Coulpier - Music video - France

 Roller Girls

 Director: Yann Saint-Pé - Documentary Television series 52mn - France / UK

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