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Freelance DOP based in Paris,

I work for fiction, advertising, documentaries and music videos. Photographer and camera operator before anything, my passion for lighting took me naturally to lighting design in which I regularly make inclusions.

 Suzuki GSX-R1000R

 Director: Richard Ndumu & Boris Meyer - Commercial - France

 Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels

 Directors: Fabrice Minier & Olivier Carreras - TV Commercial - Mauritius

 Guibert Paris - Spring Collection

 Director: Manuel Moutier - Commercial - France

 The people above the clouds

 Director: Thierry Boscheron - Documentary 52mn - China

 De La Romance - Dreamer

 Director: Laurent Pratlong - Music video - France

 Suzuki SV650 Cafe Racer

 Directors: Richard Ndumu & Boris Meyer - Commercial - France

 Volkswagen - Tough is not Enough

 Director: Nico Beyer - TV Commercial - Germany

 SFR Presse

 Director: Khajag Soudjian - TV Commercial - France

 Lhajjates (The Pilgrims)

 Director: Mohamed Achaour - Feature film - Morocco

 Reflets de France - Honey from our regions

 Director: Teddy Pecourt - Web commercial - France

 Mercedes-Benz - GLA Director's cut

 Director: Nico Beyer - TV Commercial - USA

 Timeo - The forbidden dream

 Director: Guillaume Coulpier - Music video - France

 Roller Girls

 Director: Yann Saint-Pé - Documentary Television series 52mn - France / UK

 McDonald's - Delicacies weeks

 Director: Nico Beyer - TV Commercial - Austria

 Samsung - Galaxy Note II

 Director: David Tomlinson - TV Commercial - France

 Offf Istanbul - Main Titles

 Director: David Ronhel - Music video - France

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