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 Mercedes-Benz - C Class 2016

 TV Commercial
 Directed by Nico Beyer
 Cinematography by Alex Lamarque AFC
 2nd unit Cinematography by Rodolph Séraphine
 Client: Mercedes Benz
 Agency: Merkley and Partners
 Production: A White label product
 USA 2016

2nd unit DP working in cooperation with DP Alex Lamarque A.F.C.
Commercial shot on two RED Epic Dragon including one equiped with the DSMC RED MOTION TI mount offering global shutter (Plus one Alexa mini for Drone unit). Pursuit car for Alex, slider and tripod for B unit. Shooting anamorphic with the G Series Anamorphic primes lenses from Panavision.
Assistant director (B unit): Tony Becerra
1st Assistant camera (B unit): Henry Nguyen
2nd Assistant camera (B unit): Olivia Montano

Shot entirely in Washington State
Producer: Amanda Clark Altham

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