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 Mardi en famille / Ma petite seance

 Television series
 Directed by Julien Rizzo and Khajag Soudjian
 Cinematography by (season 1, 2, 3) Rodolph Seraphine
 Channel: Canal Plus Family
 Production: Les improductibles
 France 2011

Cinematographer on three seasons broadcasted on Canal+ family Channel
Shot on 5D Mark II
Camera operators: Rodolph Seraphine, Khajag Soudjian and Brian Camusat
Gaffer: Romain Merlhe
Stylist: Coline Peyrot
Make up artist: Noemie Didenot
Lighting rental: Panalux

Producer: Renaud Chelelekian
Line producer: Bastien de Robertis

Cast: Claire Pataut, Etienne Guiraud, Sam Greep, Antoine de Prekel

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